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May 16, 2012


Originally posted on SaRa Stampa:
Alto, biondo, occhiali dalla montatura leggera ma soprattutto uno spiccato accento inglese. Signori e signore ecco Ted O’Neill, il primo ed unico “cacciatore di acquedotti”  che abbia mai incontrato. Ci siamo conosciuti per la prima volta durante la sagra della castagna locale di Manziana: era vicino ad uno degli stand…

The Aqueduct Hunters profiled on the SaraStampa Blog

May 15, 2012


The Aqueduct Hunters profiled on the SaraStampa Blog

Today the influential Italian Blogger "SaRa Stampa" has posted a profile of Aqueduct Hunter Ted O'Neill in Italian on her blog.   The blog post contains an interview which goes into some depth about future Aqueduct Hunting and the future of the Santa Fiora site...

A big cheer for SaRa Stampa...   Tantissimi Saluti ! 

New Aqua Paola Atlas available online

March 6, 2012


New Aqua Paola Atlas available online

German Engineer and Aqueduct Hunter Andreas Dorsch has uploaded the new draft Aqua Traiana Atlas, currently showing the Geo-referenced route of the Aqua Paola sources with some important discoveries and Points of Interest.

More soon...

Uncertain future for Manziana

November 29, 2011


This morning 29th November 2011, saw the fall of the administration in the Comune di Manziana the local district in the Province of Rome where the Trainic Nymphaeum also known as the Madonna della Fiora is located. In a political move, eight councillors who formed the junior partner in the coalition resigned on mass, leaving […]

The Aqueduct Hunters on BBC News

March 24, 2011


Two days after our Press Conference on January 30th 2010, BBC News ran an item on the Aqueduct Hunters including much of our material from the Santa Fiora Nymphaeum. The Interview was conducted in Allan’s Studium Urbis in Rome city centre, and Duncan Kennedy, on our advice did his piece to camera in front of […]

Aqueduct Hunter dot Com launches on Worldwide Water day 2011

March 22, 2011


The AqueductHunter Website has launched today on Worldwide Water day, and features a special report on the discovery of the Santa Fiora Nymphaeum, the primary source of the Aqua Traiana Aqueduct. has twelve pages of information on the Santa Fiora discovery and the Aqua Traiana, twenty six image pages and four brand-spanking new plans […]

Alive and Bubbling

February 2, 2011


The Bracciano volcanic region is alive and bubbling still. Here, north of Rome, the land is living on craggy volcanic Rock.   The land that spewed up an enormous volcano sixty million years ago is still gently grumbling and the evidence is for everyone to see all around Lake Bracciano. In the surrounding plains and forests, fumeroles […]