Uncertain future for Manziana

Posted on November 29, 2011


This morning 29th November 2011, saw the fall of the administration in the Comune di Manziana the local district in the Province of Rome where the Trainic Nymphaeum also known as the Madonna della Fiora is located. In a political move, eight councillors who formed the junior partner in the coalition resigned on mass, leaving Manziana without an administration or a Mayor.

The former Mayor, Lucia Dutto who resigned immediately following the resignations had been instrumental in campaigning for the protection of the Santa Fiora site, and had hosted the press conference in Rome in January 2010, when the identification of the nymphaeum was announced.

Ted O’Neill, amateur archaeologist, film maker and aqueduct hunter said:

“We’re really sorry to lose Lucia, she was a fantastic mayor, and there was nobody here in Manziana so dedicated or so tenacious to fight for the local people, for the preservation of local archaeology or for this extraordinarily important archaeological site. She will be greatly missed by all those working to preserve Santa Fiora.”

The Mayor and administration are expected to be replaced in the next few days by an unelected Commissionaire who will govern the town until elections in May.

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