Alive and Bubbling

Posted on February 2, 2011


The Caldara of Manziana

The Bracciano volcanic region is alive and bubbling still.

Here, north of Rome, the land is living on craggy volcanic Rock.   The land that spewed
up an enormous volcano sixty million years ago is still gently grumbling and the evidence
is for everyone to see all around Lake Bracciano.

In the surrounding plains and forests, fumeroles leak water and gasses alarmingly through
the Earth’s crust.

This week we visited the Caldara of Manziana, a lunar landscape – and a meeting place of live and death on the surface of the earth.

The Caldara is a surprising place – framed by forests, but in the centre of a dish of squelchy mud
rises a gezer of fresh cool water at twenty degrees C and surrounding it, gasses bubble through the mud.

A wonderful atmospheric place to get a feel of the local geology, but the smell and the effect of the gasses is a little unpleasant !  😦

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